The Koleichuk Total Theatre, was created by Anna and Viacheslav Koleichuk in 1998.
It is based on the artistic and scientific ideas and principles developed since early 1960-s by Viacheslav Koleichuk - one of the leaders of constructivist art in Russia.
The author's artistic platform was based on Russian advant-guard art from 20-s: Tatlin, Rodchenko, Malevitch, Ioganson - the cultural environment that introduced the new comprehension of the artistic idea as a structure organizing space.
The Total Theatre is an environment created by the artist and aimed at the development of classic vanguard traditions, production of a new visual reality, conceptual and formal component, opening a capability of the flexible conduction of the structures and images of theatrical space, light and colour design, usage of a kinetic and acoustical theatrical costume, selfbuilding and transforming compositions and designs, computer-generated image and electronic art. This approach starts the Total Game, opens the new interplay and intercouplings between the sound and actors, the game elements and scenography.

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