Vladimir Nikolaev

Biographical Information

Vladimir Nikolaev has graduated at Gnesin Academy of Music and had a post graduate study at Moscow State Conservatory. His main interest falls in the field of instrumental music genres. Last years he also created electro-acoustic music compositions: N-design for percussion and tape, Echolaliyi for 2 flutes and tape, ballet "Petrushka" and exactly 10 pieces for synthesizers. In 1991 Vladimir Nikolaev became the laureat of First International Lutoslavsky competition. In a year he became the winner of Lili Boulanger Memory Fund (Boston, USA).

Electro-acoustic works:

3 pieces for tape 1993
- Exercise (2:45)
- The chapel (3:08)
- Dance around banana's cuticle (3:16)

The Plankton's Life suite for tape 1993-94
Lamento (4:22)
The Plankton's life (4:26)
Doctor Crampus' experiences (3:17)
Chronodactyl in search of Love part1 (5:50)
Chronodactyl in search of Love part2 (3:21)
N-design for percussion and tape (8:40) 1993
Echolalia for two flutes and tape (11:30) 1993
Petrushka music for plastic action (50min.) 1994
JD-triptych for tape (18:20) 1994
Frank's Pranks for tape (3:45) 1994
Adagio for tape (6:50) 1994
Antique Relief for cello and tape (13:30) 1995
Noctambulant Roundelay for seven violins and tape (13:47) 1995
FM-stuck for tape and orchestra (9:10) 1995
Music for 4 violins and tape (14min.) 1996
Laughtrack for tape (5:55) 1996
Ulari Udila for vocal ensemble and tape (16:43) 1997
Molto espressivo for voice, cello and tape (15:53) 1997

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