for 16 strings, percussion, 2 trumpets and tape (29' 20'')

Michael Zhukov, percussion
Leonid Guriev, trumpet
Chamber Orchestra ''AMADEUS''
Freddy Cadena, conductor

The most transcendentaly process which even happen in the Universe start and end with silence. The idea of permanet recurence to deep silence of the Universe layed down foundations for t he composition '' DE PROFUNDIS'', where depht (profundum) means not a measure of space, but more likly great piece where rested cosmos before the beginnig and after the end of creation.
''DE PROFUNDIS'' is an exclusive circle tunning into a spiral, where the end of one story becomes the beginng of onother one.But even in its new quality, something that has been once born will come back to an inevitable purgatory of silence.
Freddy Cadena. Studied music in the National Conservatory of Quito -Ecuador .Then he studied at the Music College attached to the Moscow Conservatory and Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory from wich he graduated with honours in choir conducting(Prof B.Kulikov).and opera and symphony conducting (prof L.Nikolaev).He took part in conducting session in Germany and Spain guided by professor Hemuth Rilling.
Michael Zhukov. One of the leaders of the Moscow underground, an extraordinary drummer,a neal individuality with his own rythmic and sounding ideas. Very offen he refuses from massive rythmic frame in favour of a very particular world of sounds where he envelopes his partners' playing with various creaks and rustles.

The tape was realized in 1994 at the Theremin Center.


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