for ovaloide (6' 29'')

"Once in old days, in the land where now there is Peru republic there used to live an unknown tribe, which created one of the most unique cultures in the world and then quite of a sudden nearly disappeared from the face of the earth.

"Legend says, that Kon Tiki ( god and chief, the sun`s child) was attacked by a chief named Kari, who had come from Kokimbo valley. In a fight on one of the Titikaka islands mistirious white men with beards were utterly defeated, but Kontiki together with a few fellow-fighters managed to escape.Later they made their way to the store and then disappeared away to the west, in the sea..."

Thor Heyerdahl '' Kon Tiki Expedition ''

In this composition there is used one of the instruments-sculptures Ovaloide created by a Moscow artist Viacheslav Koleichuk, and its computer manipulations.

''Kon Tiki'' was composed in 1996 at the Theremin Center.

Sergei Letov. Is looking for a new sounding,and to extend his sound arsenal by turning to radical avaint-guardism and archaic layers of folk music. Sergei Letov is one of the most peculiar figuers of the Moscow underground: musician,philosopher, creator of mistirious images.


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