for flute, percussion and tape. (11' 28'')

Evgeny Brokmiller- flute
Michael Zhukov-percussion
The tape was realized in 1993 at the Theremin Center.

Meaning literally ''Song of Love and Death'',the ancient word of Inkas presupposes first of all, the motion towards eternity.On this twilight way the main image is sadnes, penetrating Love without passion,death without chill of grave, and interwining with an ancient legend of the land of Valdivia.We do not know today if this tale about birds,whose singing was an ill omen for people,is a legend.Anyway, Valdivia birds live eternally (Probably reincarnating?) and Yaravi is percieved in a different way,as Yaravi-Valdivia,uniting in one images of birds and human beings.

Live flute and given tape are the two embodiments of a bird-human being. At the same time the tape part, associated with rites,is constantly interacting with flute,creating a gradual approach to same qualitative transition.Singing of the bird-human being is understood differently: transformations of tape are unpredictable,parts of flute and percussions are withdrawing, melting into non-existence.Ancient Valdivia by some chance find themselvesin a modern world, sworming by computer networks.
Find themselves, knowing that they will inevitably outlive it.In this way the most ancient and the super-modern coexist in Yaravi, touching upon spiritual problem, materializing the predictions of sadness through wich eternal is reached.

Evgeny Brokmiller. Moscow flutist, graduated from the Moscow Conservatory.Since 1994 plays in Syngapur Philharmonic Orchestra.

Michael Zhukov. One of the leaders of the Moscow underground, an extraordinary drummer,a neal individuality with his own rythmic and sounding ideas. Very offen he refuses from massive rythmic frame in favour of a very particular world of sounds where he envelopes his partners' playing with various creaks and rustles.


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