Stanislav Kreichi
Composer, Sound Engineer

Biographical Information

Stanislav Kreichi was born 1936 in Kutaisy, Georgia. Sound engineer, composer. Lives and works in Moscow, State University. For the past 35 years, he has been working with the ANS synthesizer - a photoelectronic instrument which takes its name from the initials of Russian composer Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin. The ANS synthesizer has been invented in 1938 and designed by Eugene Murzin in 1958, together with a group of engineers and composers. Stanislav Kreichi joined this group in 1961 and with the ANS composed music for several films, performances and shows, e. g. "Into Space" by Andrew Sokolov, "Echo of the Orient". Records in 1997 on MELODY: "ANS". Composed the music for a puppet show that incorporated the use of light "Fire of Hope", based on Pablo Picasso's work performed in 1985 in Moscow and Kazan. 1991 music for the slide composition "Rorschach Rhapsody" by P.K. Hoenich (known for his light pictures created with sunlight). The ANS synthesizer remains a unique apparatus available to only a limited circle of musicians: the single experimental model of the device in existence currently belongs to Moscow State University, where a general lack of space and technical support have prevented a widening of the circle of ANS users. Although the ANS has not achieved widespread fame, the idea of directly transforming graphic structures into sound structures has not lost ist relevance and can now be used successsfully in computer music.

ANS synthesizer