Long Arms, Theremin-centre, Moscow Composers Union

May 20-June2

- Golden Apples of the Sun Remix: of M. Subbotnick's "Silver Apples of
the Moon" for live musicians and electronics
- Austrian Electroacoustic Expert Guenther Rabl
Stepanida Borisova - shaman ritual from Yakutia with new improvised music

- Max Ivanenko "Alicante" - experimental music, movie & applause
Daniel Goode (clarinet, USA) -Interesting Melodies (clarinet solo)
Daniel Goode - One Page Pieces performed by the Russian Ad Hoc Ensemble

The Theremin-centre presents The Austrian music export
- Seppo Gruendler - Solo performance for MIDI-guitar & electronics
- Elizabeth Schimana - Geschichten III for voice & electronics
- The Total Theatre "Shadows" - V. Koleichuk, S. Kreichi, E. Lukianchikova
- Katharina Clement - Miniatures N. 8-13 for prepared piano & 8-channel tape
K. Clement - piano, E. Schimana - mix
- Russian Austrian BIG GIG
Theremin-centre, E 69, "The Austrian Music export" & friends

- Johnny Reinhard (bassoon, USA) & Lydia Kavina (theremin) - a.o. Edgar
Varese graphic score originally written for Charlie Mingus, microtonal
compositions by American and Russian composers

The Alternativa Festival gratefully acknowledges the support of the
Goethe-Institut (Moscow), the Embassy of Austria, The Swedish Royal Embassy, TSMC, Russian Music Paper and Anton Rovner