Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music
Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

Sound Substance Cognition
8 November, 2000

4:00 pm
Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music (Moscow)

Dmitry Subotchev - "Inclination"
Olesia Rostovskaya - "Five evidences of the God's life from Sacred Foma Akvinsky" for the organ, harp, piano, two theremins, three fans, and the singing wind
Andrei Smirnov - "Sonochronotop #4" for the theremin-sensors, computer, MAX/MSP and performer
Dmitry Kalinin "Ashikari" for 4 shakuhachi, dijiridu, ju-shichi gen (bass koto), shamisen, gu-qin, Indonesian & Chinese gong-chimes, taiko, theremin and electronics

7:00 pm
The concert of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

Arne Mellnas (Sweden), "Intimate Games".
Ivo Medek (Czech Republic), "11 Gestalten des Mondscheins".
Giuseppe Giuliano (Italy), "In Memoriam John Cage".
Claude Lenners (Luxembourg), "Found in bottle".
Dan Dediu (Romania), "Gothic Concerto".
Alexander Radvilovich (S. - Petersbourg), "Pushkin".

9:00 pm
Group LIGYS (Paris).

Christine Groult "Temps du ciel : l'entropie"
Patrick Lenfant "Archee - le Feu"
Jacqueline Ozanne "Chemin de Pierres et de fer"
Dedans "De haut ; 3eme tableau"
Nicolas Verin "Miroirs Deformants II"

The concert hall of the Moscow Composers Union (Briusov per., 8/10),
"Theremin-Center" (Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 13)

The Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
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tel.: (095) 229 71 87, fax: (095) 200 42 73, e-mai:
The Theremin-Center
Director Andrei Smirnov, tel.: (095) 229 76 78

9 November, 2000
Workshops and presentations at the Theremin Center

10 November, 2000, 6:00pm
Lidia Kavina - Theremin Workshop at the Theremin Center